Travel Accessory #MustHave

This month I realized two things: 1. I don't own much jewelry 2. The jewelry I own is either: cheap or gets thrown somewhere in my luggage when I travel But recently, I was gifted a beautiful Tiffany & Co. necklace and I began thinking where the heck am I supposed to put it when … Continue reading Travel Accessory #MustHave

Petite Somethin’

I was barely 18 when PREIT malls asked me to be part of their Back to School photo shoot. At the time, I was flabbergasted. I was 5'2, short black hair - like c'mon who thought I could be model worthy? Well, they did and it made all the difference. And it kinda just became … Continue reading Petite Somethin’

Witty Women | BOF x TopShop

Challenges and Rewards of Building a Fashion Businessย  June 7, 2017 Women today are constantly undermined and underestimated. But the women who are proving that we're not just a pretty "doll" to glance at, we're intelligent, hard-working and diligent are the women who have put blood, sweat and tears into their passions. On Wednesday, June … Continue reading Witty Women | BOF x TopShop

Fitness: Skinny Body

As a skinny body, I'm constantly reminded by those around me that I shouldn't workout because I'm "too skinny." But I have this ideal body in my mind that can't be achieved by being "skinny." And I'm a firm believer in strength over size. Initially this workout began because as Elle Woods once stated, "Exercise … Continue reading Fitness: Skinny Body

Styled It: #LittleBlackDress

A staple in your wardrobe they say. A dress that can be styled for a girls night out, a date night with Bae or maybe just an #ootd. I found the perfect #littleblack dress from Forever21ย for $14.90. The adjustable straps and stretchy material allows for various body types to squeeze on in. And as for … Continue reading Styled It: #LittleBlackDress

OOTD: Summer Fling ft. Target & YesStyle

Take out your rompers and your floral dresses, summer is finally here. (At least for now.) While thrifting may seem like a viable option for many of you, I've moved away from that route. Instead, I've been on the hunt for unique pieces that are both affordable and comfortable. This adorable Mossimo Supply Co. romper … Continue reading OOTD: Summer Fling ft. Target & YesStyle

Comfortable Fits: YesStyle Chunky Heel Platform Sandals

Girl, I'm tiny. My feet are no exception. Typically a size 5, often I'll go up sizes so I can buy that pretty shoe everyone else is wearing. #carboncopy (I know.) I'm a platform shoe type of gal because at 5'2, I'll take anything that gives me an inch or two so I feel, "normal." … Continue reading Comfortable Fits: YesStyle Chunky Heel Platform Sandals