101 in 1001 but Not Really

I started this list in a vulnerable, immature stage of life & therefor had high expectations of myself. But girl, since 1001 days ago I've accomplished & experienced life changing moments & they're worth acknowledging. While goals are great, always remember you've done more than you think. Take some time & give yourself a pat … Continue reading 101 in 1001 but Not Really

5 Tips to Live On Your Own & Not Sacrifice Your Almost Bougie Lifestyle

Just because you live on your own doesn't mean you have to give up on weekend festivities. Here's how I'm doing it! (kind of.) 1. Take advantage of the platform that gives you FREE products. Influenster offers individuals like you & me with sort of a social following to test products in exchange for a … Continue reading 5 Tips to Live On Your Own & Not Sacrifice Your Almost Bougie Lifestyle

It’s NOT Goodbye, It’s Hello.

  In 2015, I wrote down a goal to move out to California. And for the last three years, I've been making goals but never accomplishing them. I kept setting dreams & seeking new ambitions but never conquering them. It's about time I stop talking & start doing. Of course, it's not a complete goodbye. … Continue reading It’s NOT Goodbye, It’s Hello.

Meet Jonathan #LDR

Meet US. Yup, somehow I got myself into a long distance relationship. AKA LDR. It was never planned & for sure never fathomed. Because honestly, who wants to put themselves through all the extra leg work of being in this sort of relationship? Surely not someone who is as clingy as me. But it happened … Continue reading Meet Jonathan #LDR

The Women you Need to Follow on Instagram

There are influencers on Instagram and then there are women who are the baddest, hardest working 20-somethings who are killing it in their careers & slaying on Instagram. Last month, East Coast Blogger Meet Up was born to unite women in the NYC & NJ area to connect & create. These young ladies were selected … Continue reading The Women you Need to Follow on Instagram

Travel Accessory #MustHave

This month I realized two things: 1. I don't own much jewelry 2. The jewelry I own is either: cheap or gets thrown somewhere in my luggage when I travel But recently, I was gifted a beautiful Tiffany & Co. necklace and I began thinking where the heck am I supposed to put it when … Continue reading Travel Accessory #MustHave