Ice Cream Served Up

Had a bad day? Hungry? Craving something sweet? Just wanna eat? Ice cream is your answer to all situations in life. Trendy dessert shops are always trying to out-do each other. And for the last year I've seen the swing in ice cream shops.┬áServe it up with different flavors, toppings and shapes. No matter how … Continue reading Ice Cream Served Up

Manhattan’s Matcha Lattes

While coffee may smell lovely first thing in the morning, it is definitely not my go-to. And I'm sure, I'm not alone. (Neither are you.) But don't you worry, there's a caffeinated drink for you! It's green, naturally bitter but so much better sweeter. It's best in latte form topped with a pretty design and … Continue reading Manhattan’s Matcha Lattes

New York City’s Best Budaejigae

I'm a self-proclaimed budaejiage connoisseur. Also known as army stew or bootay-jiage as my friends call it, budaejigae is conceivably a deluxe ramen. Ingredients include, ramen noodles, spam, sausage, mushrooms, kimchi and cheese. And to you, maybe this dish seems repulsive because I mean, who the hell likes spam? (Me, that's who.) Budaejigae is a … Continue reading New York City’s Best Budaejigae