The terminology used to describe anyone on social media that posts graphics as a hobby/full-time job. The word itself has been thrown around so many times,  it’s practically useless. When you think of the term “influencer” you think of an individual  who makes a positive impact on the community – or at least optimistically i’d like to believe it’s positive. Realistically that’s not how this word describes these so called “content creators.”

I cannot ignore the fact that I myself have once tried to be a so-called influencer. A food Instagram feed turned to lifestyle “blog” I thought of myself as an influencer. And I’ll admit, realistically I made no positive impact on a community. Instead, I was a free advertiser for brands and restaurants, showing off whatever I could get my hands on. I made no such positive impact. After countless months of posting ridiculous posts – I stopped.

I don’t want to be remembered here on this planet for posting a pretty image or being a free advertiser. Ideally, I’d like to be insightful or impactful. I’m not quite sure where that road will take me just yet but the road to self discovery unwinds ever so slowly. (at least for me – maybe you too?)

I’m not to say that the life of an influencer is wrong or bad per-say, it’s just not for me. It’s not my end game. #taylorswift Ha Ha Ha

Honestly, there’s only a few key influencers who can make a deep impact on revenue. I mean you could arguably state that it helps with brand awareness but how can that actually be measured? Where is the data that supports that? You can guestimate numbers and state well x amount of people have seen my brand but how do you know that generates anything? And I mean, how do you know these influencers have a true following? There’s so many workarounds from pods to help with engagement and secret giveaways to boost followers.

What makes an influencer real? Is it really worth it?


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