Dear Michelle Phan – Thank You

When I was a teeny bopper in high school, you were the positive influence in my life that always reminded me to smile. Your videos weren’t just mesmerizing and educational, they were the escape I needed after a long day or week. Was it your voice? Maybe it was your talent to take anything and transform into unfathomable, beautiful creations. Maybe it was just the fact that we all wanted to be someone like you. Nonetheless, I and thousands – no millions of girls looked to you for a spark of creative inspiration. You know, a creative outlet that the world prohibited or shunned us from experiencing. You were the ray of sunshine everyone needed.


In hindsight we all remember you as the makeup guru who influenced and inspired thousands of Asian individuals to find a love for beauty and creation. You were a role model and you made us believe that anything was possible – even if it was just an imagination.

And I know it’s not just me when I say that it’s not fair how the internet and other individuals tore you apart, when all you did was create hope. We commend you for how you handled these difficult situations and somehow prospered no matter what. Not all heroes wear capes, Michelle Phan.


Today, I re-watch your videos on a weekly basis. It reminds me of a time when YouTubers weren’t chasing “clout” and actually enjoyed sharing information and creating. Your passion, dedication and hard work will never be forgotten because every one of your videos truly shows your profound love and passion for creation and not “dollar dollar bills.”

While it’s still questionable if you will ever return again to YouTube, I want to say thank you because you will always remind me that there is always more to life than money.

Your videos will always remind me that true creation and passion comes from the heart.


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