101 in 1001 but Not Really

I started this list in a vulnerable, immature stage of life & therefor had high expectations of myself. But girl, since 1001 days ago I’ve accomplished & experienced life changing moments & they’re worth acknowledging. While goals are great, always remember you’ve done more than you think. Take some time & give yourself a pat on the back for all that you’ve done. SO screw this list! Here’s what’s up:

1. Yeah man, you’re looking at a real college grad here. Sleepless nights and traveling 2.5 hours to get to school one semester just to get a degree from Fuck I’m Tired. Just kidding, love you FIT.

Photo May 28, 11 33 02 AM.jpg

2. Got a job right after graduation because let’s be real, my biggest scare was that I’d be poor after college. (still half true.)

3. I’ve stayed in the same company since graduation. It’s this super luxurious beauty brand called @londontownusa. Yeah, that’s right, I’m the girl who redesigned their website & yup I’m behind their PR & social. A big s/o to my super hardworking team/past & current interns/assistants.

4. Speaking of interns & assistants, grew my it’s-just-me team to three amazing interns & one super ambitious assistant

5. Dude living alone has been one of the most challenging lifestyle changes that I’ve somehow managed. But all that rent money is probably worth it all because I’ve really had to put up with my needy self. Adulting is a lifestyle of its’ own. Seriously.

6. Learned how to read my gas & electric meter because PSEG continually estimates my readings and charges me $350 EVERY. DAMN. MONTH.

7. Created the most OMG delicious kimchi jigae recipe because apparently no one cooks for you when you live alone.

8. Anyone else deathly afraid of cockroaches? Because ME. Give me props tho because I killed one by myself. A HUGE accomplishment. Y’know it only took me an hour of screaming there was a cockroach, an hour of hiding on my bed & another hour of attempting to kill it.

9. Threw a housewarming PARTAY. Thanks to all my lovelies who showered me with your love & support by showing up.

Photo May 12, 6 14 05 PM.jpg

10. I moved to a new state and made it back to the east coast alive. LOL it’s been done.

11.  Somehow even managed to join ClassPass & while I hardly ever attend classes these days, I’ve motivated myself to stick to a workout routine that fits my schedule. (Thanks EZOO)

12. Accepted that it’s okay to treat myself to carbs/Mcdonald’s occasionally and not feel so guilty about it.

13. Challenged myself to go hiking & made it all the way up and down with only a few scratches.

14. YOUR GIRL IS A BLONDE ASIAN. Mama bear wasn’t too happy about the blonde but I think she’s become more accustomed to it. Pretty sure she’s not going to be ecstatic about my pink hair but #YOLO #COMINGSOON

15. Dyed my hair blue for a hot minute and realized quickly it wasn’t a color for me.

Photo May 07, 2 13 43 PM.jpg

16. And yes, I still live to eat. So yes, i’ve still somehow maintained my Yelp Elite status. WHOOT!

17. Read more books than I can count on my hands and feet. For sure though, my two favorite books remains The Little Book of Skincare by Charlotte Cho & Dirty Thirty by Asa Akira.

18. Met some amazing, super hardworking friends that have changed my perspective on life & gave me more love than I deserve. Kisses to Suki, Joanne, Erica & Alice unnie.

19. Danced my ass off at Illenium & event saw DVBBS before Webster Hall closed down for good. The experience of seeing my favorite artist live was exhilarating. Illenium is worth it. GOOOOO

20. Did the whole after 21 Vegas thing & still (kinda) recovering. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

21. Got ’em eyelash extensions & watched all my lashes fall off because of synthetic lashes & a poor technician LOL USE MINK & CHOOSE THE EXPENSIVE SALON GIRLLL. Don’t be cheap like me. It’s not worth it.

Photo Oct 17, 8 06 29 AM.jpg

22. FINALLY went to Disneyland and totally did not take that cheesy IG photo and yes I did leave without riding anything because I do not like long lines.

23. Became a changed woman after eating in-n-out. #TEAMINNOUT

 24. And yes ‘mam I lasted a whole year without Tinder. No, you aren’t missing out on anything if you aren’t on Tinder.

25. Made it to the big 2-4 without being arrested or dying.

26. Actually went traveling to three beautiful cities & ate as much as I could because food is always life.

27. Bought myself my first designer something that wasn’t too expensive but it wasn’t on sale so there’s that. My Ted Baker watch is my baby.

28. Received the most expensive gift from an S/O that I cannot live without and is forever my baby. Her name is Burberry.

Photo Feb 26, 7 39 07 PM.jpg

29. Finally upgraded my phone after 2 whole years so my selfie game is stronger than ever.

30. Said goodbye to Uncle Pete who always reminded me that family comes first. Shed a lot of tears. Blamed the universe but still love him nonetheless.

31. Currently living out Uncle Pete’s wish to keep family first.


32. Discovered I really like dancing when I’m drunk and try to shuffle when I’ve had one too many whiskey sours.

33. Speaking of whiskey sours, I’ve graduated from soju and found my go-to drink to be a whiskey sour. It doesn’t black me out & it keeps me riding through the night. WHEEEE

34. Learned that 4 shots is pretty much my limit before I’m a goner.

35. Paid for a ticket to see a broadway show I wanted to see & you should totally see too because you’l laugh and cry at the same time. #KinkyBoots

36. Had one of the best effin’ massages in my life at Sojo Spa & need to go back again because my shoulders DROPPED after said massage. I didn’t even realize how tense I was until after the massage.

37. Organized a blogger brunch with girls I still love so much. xxxxxx A big s/o to all the brands that sponsored the brunch.

38. Went snowboarding for the first time and fell on my ass A LOT but as cliche as it sounds realized it’s not about how many times you fall.

39. Made a list of things I’ve done/realized in the last two years LOL

Side note, please don’t use this list to compare your life to mine because my life is not better/worse than yours. I’m a human. You’re a human. The end.

Let me know the things you’ve accomplished/experienced in the last two-ish years!

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