5 Tips to Live On Your Own & Not Sacrifice Your Almost Bougie Lifestyle

Just because you live on your own doesn’t mean you have to give up on weekend festivities. Here’s how I’m doing it! (kind of.)

1. Take advantage of the platform that gives you FREE products.

Influenster offers individuals like you & me with sort of a social following to test products in exchange for a review. I have not bought shampoo & conditioner in 6 months & my hair is look super fineeee.

Image result for hair flip gif

2. Don’t fall for that WIFI trap.

Is it just me? I don’t own a TV & I’m home maybe 10% of my day to sleep, shower and occasionally make food. I do NOT pay for WIFI.

How? I’ve upgraded to unlimited data on my phone, saving my ass $100 each month.

Netflix is on my phone – why do I need WIFI? I can still Netflix & chill.

Image result for netflix and chill gif

Pro Tip: Verizon doesn’t degrade you to 3G. I’m LTE all month long! WHOO!

3. Pack your damn lunch!

I used to hate packing lunch as a kid but there is no flipping way, I want to pay $10 for a salad anymore. Save that $50 a week and go indulge yourself in a fancy dinner with your friends.

In the long run, you’ll save around $200/month.

Image result for eating sushi with friends gif

4. Save the planet, save yourself. Don’t buy water bottles.

Water dispensers are your best friend. Like girl, water is free. You seriously want to waste money and ruin the planet? No.

Get yourself a $20-something water filter and never pay for water bottles again.

Image result for water bottles in the sea gif

5. Unplug ASAP.

Girl, who pays for your electricity bills? That’s right, YOU. Unplug your outlets when you aren’t home. The only electric item that needs to be running is your refrigerator.

If you want to be super frugal & Asian like me, you can put a hoodie on when it’s cold and put shorts on when it’s hot. NO AC OR HEATER FOR ME. (Keep in mind my apartment is already at a relaxing 65 -70 degrees.)

Image result for cold gif

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