Petite Somethin’

I was barely 18 when PREIT malls asked me to be part of their Back to School photo shoot. At the time, I was flabbergasted. I was 5’2, short black hair – like c’mon who thought I could be model worthy? Well, they did and it made all the difference.

Emily 1535_e.jpg

And it kinda just became a short-term hobby but I created beautiful images with talented artists like:

Somewhere along the line, I called it quits.

But a few weeks ago, Jayvee hit me up and asked to collab. Honestly, I was a bit frazzled. Like dude, why me? But nevertheless the images came out stunning. Take a look at his work below. (Also, follow him on Instagram if ya wanna make me smile.)


Take away lesson: fear not, try it all


2 thoughts on “Petite Somethin’

  1. Hi,

    So glad you’re back into modeling. The pics look amazing. Congrats to you and Jayvee on a job well done.

    I should know. This is Joe DeCerchio. I was the creative director who picked you for the PREIT photoshoot. I still show those images in my book.

    Keep it going. All the best!



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