Beauty on the Outside

IMG_9470 (1).JPG

Don’t let them judge you.

Growing up with monolids and yellow toned skin, I felt alone when it came to makeup.

Back then, it was just Michelle Phan starting out and even she had a crease. There weren’t many YouTubers or artists I could look up to for beauty tips, especially at major beauty stores like Sephora, Ulta and even makeup counters at Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s.

I wanted to look like the Caucasian girls. They had these beautiful creased lids and nose bridges that would hold up sunglasses. I wanted long lashes and fuller lips. From every magazine to advertisement, I always felt like an alien. None of the beauty tips really worked for my skin tone and facial features. It always made me feel like my facial features were lacking  a certain something.

Makeup allowed me to transform into someone that I felt others would accept. Bigger eyes, fuller lips and face framing eye brows. And it wasn’t until about last year I stopped applying makeup to look like the “other girls.”

 I noticed something really important that I think you should know. Advertisements in the media don’t always reflect the average girl, they don’t always show different skin tones, eye shapes and lips. It’s created to form this illusion that all women are most beautiful when you look a certain way.

I’m here to tell you that’s bull shit. You are beautiful on the outside. No matter your eye or face shape, lip fullness or lash length your facial features make you, who you are. There is nothing more beautiful about you, than you.

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