Comfortable Fits: YesStyle Chunky Heel Platform Sandals

Girl, I’m tiny. My feet are no exception.

Typically a size 5, often I’ll go up sizes so I can buy that pretty shoe everyone else is wearing. #carboncopy (I know.)


I’m a platform shoe type of gal because at 5’2, I’ll take anything that gives me an inch or two so I feel, “normal.”

These chunky platforms are perfect for Summer 2017!

Comfortable, lightweight and black (so it matches everything) I know it’s bound to be in just about every summer #ootd.

And most importantly (other than that it fits)? It’s affordable. Priced at $34.90  YesStyle but 10% off your first order for new members and free shipping (with a purchase of $35+ in the US), that’s a solid price for me.


OOTD coming soon, stay tuned!

Until then, xoxo.

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