Review: Etude House Fresh Cup Modeling Mask | Aloe

After having tried Shangpree’s Premium Modeling Mask ($20) and Md’s Pick’s Water Rubber Mask ($9) I was excited to try Etude House’ Fresh Cup Modeling Mask ($6)!



Unfortunately it was underwhelming.

1. It doesn’t smell like Aloe. It smells like clay rubber. Would NOT recommend taking a deep breath in!

2. Unlike the other rubber masks, the spatula is mixed in with the powder. Pulling that out? POWDERED FINGERS.


3. Application was easy! No dripping and medium consistency!


4. The mask dries FAST and NO soothing sensation when peeling off.

(I waited 15 minutes before taking the above photo.)

5. Overall it’s difficult to peel off because of how inconsistently this product dried on my face.


6. Over dried pieces clung to my face. I had to use my handy dandy, Son & Park Beauty Water to remove excess mask particles off my face.

Results: Softer & brighter appearing skin

Rating: 3/5

Inexpensive but definitely not worth the struggle of removing the over dried pieces. Also that soothing sensation when removing the mask was not present and that’s the MVP of these modeling masks!

3 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Fresh Cup Modeling Mask | Aloe

  1. Hi there. So glad I stumbled upon your review. I was thinking about getting this modeling mask, but the mask looks kinda messy to apply and to remove as compared to easy wash-off masks. But thankfully, it did brighten your face–only there wasn’t any soothing sensation. That part was a bit of a letdown, eh? Thanks for the review! 💕

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