More than just Dino, He’s Dynamite

Enter into the salon your best friend has been raving about or maybe you saw a photo on Instagram. Whatever. You’re finally getting your hair colored and it’s not out of a box from your local drugstore CVS or Duane Reade. You’re about to transform into a magical creature because Dino AKA Jay will have your jaw dropping by the end of your appointment. Welcome to &HairLounge, New York City.



@DinoCuts on Instagram is clearly posting some rad beauty looks you never dreamed possible. He takes Pinspiration to a whole new level. Everything from balayage to ombre, pink to purple he can make Asian hair look like a million dollars.

This 20-something-year-old hip hop producer has one hell of a story to share. From med school to dropping beats, Jay has dabbled into a plethora of fields and isn’t afraid to admit his enjoyment for artistic creation. At first glance, you too may not believe this curly haired dude has been through a world wind of experiences. But one thing is for sure, he’s effin’ creative. He’s a visionary. Imagines and simply does. Crazy, right? It’s possible.

I went in on March 11, at 1 PM and simply told him that I wanted to “look pretty” and that I trusted him to produce something I myself would never dream of. He took one look at my overgrown blonde hair, added treatment conditioner to protect my already blonde, bleached hair and painted for nearly 6 hours before revealing his masterpiece.

And if you don’t believe me, look below. Those pictures prove his creative ability. There is no stylist in New York City I would trust to dye my hair except Jay. He’s your go-to for that trendy hairstyle you saw on Pinterest or Instagram. Best of all, he’s one hell of a story teller and your six hair appointment will only feel like one or two hours tops.

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