Ice Cream Served Up

Had a bad day? Hungry? Craving something sweet? Just wanna eat? Ice cream is your answer to all situations in life.

Trendy dessert shops are always trying to out-do each other. And for the last year I’ve seen the swing in ice cream shops. Serve it up with different flavors, toppings and shapes. No matter how you serve it, ice cream is here to stay.

Davey’s Ice Cream

Looking for Mexican vanilla beans and matcha? You can get the best of both worlds here at this East Village ice cream shop. And best of all, they’re all about smiles here! Yellow smiley faces inside and outside their store, along with smiley associates willing to help you find your perfect flavor combo(s).



Soft Swerve

Looking for Instagram worthy ice cream shots and delicious ube, black sesame and matcha soft serve? Look no further, this is your go-to. On warmer days, this popular spot has a line around the block. Try to catch them when it’s raining out!


Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

Before you start criticizing me, the hype here is due to their Asian inspired flavors and toppings. Where else can you get lychee bubbles on your taro ice cream?


10Below Ice Cream

Thai rolled ice cream is literally ice cream rolled up. Fortunately for you mixed flavor junkies, you can enjoy this sweet treat by mixing flavors together. Whether you create your own or choose a pre-made flavor combo be sure to top it off with fruit, chocolate and whip cream!



Before you say, “but Emily, that’s a milkshake” think about what’s inside that milkshake. What’s on top of that milkshake? That’s right, ice cream. And this is one of my favorite ways to indulge in a sweet treat. Ice cream on top of sugar on top of chocolate on top of more sugar. Can you say sugar rush?


Sweet Churros with Coffeed

Allegedly the new trendiest way to serve up ice cream is with churros. Popularized in Korea and now here in New York City, this sweet treat is best eaten with a warm churro dipped into cold soft serve ice cream.


KITH Ice Cream

Cereal ice cream? Whoever thought that could be a thing was a genius. KITH known for their designs and sneakers has created a sweet treat store serving up some cereal ice cream named after popularized shoes. You can either pick a pre-set flavor or create your own. Either way, ice cream is just so damn good here.



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