Manhattan’s Matcha Lattes

While coffee may smell lovely first thing in the morning, it is definitely not my go-to.

And I’m sure, I’m not alone. (Neither are you.) But don’t you worry, there’s a caffeinated drink for you!

It’s green, naturally bitter but so much better sweeter. It’s best in latte form topped with a pretty design and my god, drinking it first thing in the morning with a croissant is heaven.

I’ve been scouting the best matcha lattes in Manhattan the past month. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered there aren’t too many spots that serve up my favorite drink. (And no, Starbucks doesn’t count.) So here’s how five different spots have created their version of matcha lattes.

Cup & Cup


Arguably the best spot for matcha latte. Sweet matcha topped with a white bear. Instagram worthy and so cute!

Kaffe 1668screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-10-39-32-pm

Need a energy kicker? This cup of iced matcha latte has so much caffeine it made me so jittery, I just couldn’t sit still! Also to note it’s sweetened. (yay!)

Cha An


If you’re down to try a dessert type of matcha latte, Cha An is the place to go. Serving up Japanese food and desserts this Deluxe Matcha Latte is topped with sweet red bean. And best part of all? There’s matcha ice cream inside. #winning

Matcha Barscreen-shot-2017-02-06-at-10-38-22-pm

It’s quite difficult to find a spot that serves up a good matcha latte with almond milk. That ratio seems to be a struggle for most but Matcha Bar knows exactly how I like it. A spacious cafe with various matcha drinks and treats, come here for a low-key matcha cafe that makes a mean matcha almond milk latte.

Cha Cha Matchascreen-shot-2017-02-06-at-10-38-36-pm

Hipster-esque cafe (if you’re into that kinda vibe) is here to provide matcha lattes in a pink colored cafe. Matcha latte with almond milk is A-OK alone but better paired with the matcha doughssant.

How do you like your matcha latte? Sweet? With latte art? Bitter? Cold? Hot?

Let me know in the comments below and if ya like my pictures don’t forget to follow me on IG! @FollowtheJung

Matcha > Coffee





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