101 in 1001

Start: November 20, 2015
End: August 17, 2018

1. Explore South Korea
2. Move out to CA (January 2018)
3. Visit 10 cities

– Los Angeles, CA

– Louisville, KY

– Austin, TX

-Philadelphia, PA

-Washington, D.C

– Las Vegas, NV

– Irvine, CA

.4. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant (Sushi Azabu,  July 2016)
5. Learn to type in Korean
6. Have a blast in Disney Land/World (October 2017)
7. Pack lunch for a month

8. Spend a weekend in the Hamptons
9. Spend a day at Coney Island (7/22/16 with Frank) 
10. Take a cycling class (8/15/16 @ NYSC)
11. Go rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders (August 2017 – some Tinder guy. HAHA)
12. Run a 5K
13. Go hiking on a mountain outdoors (Cold Spring, NY 8/13/16)
14. Take a surfing class and ride a wave by myself
15. Whiten my teeth (whitening strips?) Crest 3D Strips
16. Take a self-defense class
17. Feel confident in my own body. (6/30/17)
18. Sign up for a gym (April 28, 2016 – NYSC)
19. Graduate College
20. Read 20 books
Dirty Thirty by Asa Akira
The Little Book of Skincare by Charlotte Cho
21. Curate new blog posts on a weekly basis
22. Start my own YouTube channel
23. Attend a TED talk
24. Attend my first rave (6/30/17 DVBBS at Webster Hall with Tommy & friends)
25. Purchase a record player
26. Have an article/post published on Buzzfeed, Bustle, Refinery29 or YouBeauty
27. Write an autobiography
28. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
29. Say yes, be a bridesmaid
30. Jump off a plane, go skydiving
31. Be a speaker at an event
32. Host a friendsgiving
33. Send a care package to a friend (11/17/15 to Jonathan) 
34. Party it up in Vegas (with J.C 6/16/17 – 6/19/17)
35. Take part in Vlog-mas
36. Swim with dolphins
37. Get a motorcycle license
38. Be Tinder free for at least a year
39. Launch an e-commerce site
40. Take a hip hop dance class
41. Buy a new phone (IPhone 6S – Rose Gold November 2015)
42. Get a DSLR camera…
43. Learn how to use it
44. Hit 1000 followers on Instagram
45. Start (and keep) a savings account
46. Go to an ice bar
47. Purchase new bedding
48. Write a letter to myself in 5 years (11/22/2015)
49. See a comedy show
50. Buy a new (fitted) bra
51. Get contact lenses
52. Fall in love
53. Make five recipes from Pinterest
54. Purchase a Macbook
55. Have QT every night for a week
56. Have brunch at Sarabeth’s (1/10/16 with CP)
57. Ride a horse carriage with a S/O in Central Park
58. Ride the boat in Central Park
60. Go to a concert (4/1/16, Illenium with Sancho) 
61. Become a mentor
62. See a Broadway show (Wicked)
63. Attend a movie night in Bryant Park
64. Go bar hopping (6/10/16 with Clara, Christina & Sarah) 
65. Take a vocal class
66. Make a new friend at school (8/30/2016)
67. Maintain Yelp Elite Status until 2018

68. Take part in a focus group
69. Be informed and vote in an election
70. Attend church services for a month straight (June 2016) 
71. Take the ferry from Jersey to NYC (7/22/2016) 
72. Get my first gel mani (August 2017 – Londontown)
73. Grow my hair out and learn to french braid
74. Take a makeup class from Jung Saem Mool
75. Maintain a gym schedule, consistently for a 6 months
76. Become certified as an esthetician
77. Find my signature fragrance other than Chance by Chanel
78. Dye my hair a different color like auburn or blonde (6/18/16 Blonde Ombre with Bonny @ &Hairlounge)
79. Get my eyebrows threaded (again.)
80. Get eyelash extensions
81. Get scrubbed down by an ahjumma at a Korean sauna
82. Train with a personal trainer
83. Maintain a fitness routine
84. Create a photo album
85. Invest in a classic (preferably leather) handbag
86. Purchase new shoes 
87. Purchase the perfect little black dress
88. Get/learn a new hobby
89. Get my license
90. Find and purchase my signature pair of jeans
91. Buy myself a new (warm) coat
92. Thrift an entire outfit
93. Buy a pair of fashionable rain boots
94. Find the perfect beanie and buy it!
95. Clean out closet…
96. Donate clothes to charity
97. Purchase a new pleather (or leather) jacket (Zara, 10/2/16)
98. Design your dream wedding dress
99. Buy more plaid shirts for lounge wear during the winter
100. Buy a range of business casual wear

101. Finish this list.

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